Speeding up digital transformation and a Thank You

In a recent article, it was pointed out how Covid-19 changed business and consumer behaviour in a very short space of time. The article focused mainly three aspects:

  • Mass adoption of online shopping.
  • Product choices are changing.
  • Companies embrace different delivery methods.

As to be expected, where else can you buy goods but online (if the local Spar does not stock what you need)? Also, the payment providers report a significant increase in new accounts which means that both customers and business are rushing to adapt to the new status quo. In this process, customers are re-evaluating their needs and options; how far does loyalty go? Which brings you to delivery, no point in selling if you cannot deliver, which is why new and adapted solutions are seeing the light. Read the full article here.

A Special ‘Thank You’ to Infinity Web clients!

Just a special thank you to our loyal clients. We all know that the business environment is under pressure, but we believe that with less restrictions and increased human movement, money will start flowing again. If there is anything that we can do to facilitate your transformation, please get in touch, we are here to help you adapt.

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