Extraordinary Times Indeed

The increasing threat of the Coronavirus has made a remote workforce the norm in record time, and it may result in making working from home a longstanding and necessary measure where possible.

The extraordinary times we find ourselves in, call for some seriously creative thinking, because without adapting quickly, most businesses will find itself in troubled waters.

For a remote working arrangement, please consider the following:

  1. Internet – of course, you need internet for your staff to work remotely, shop around for a reliable solution, whether fixed line or wireless; typically a wireless solution would not involve installation and thus quicker to get in place, but could be more expensive.
  2. Email – with a small amount of effort, most email accounts can be configured or routed so that employees can access email from home.
  3. Documents and files – Google Drive and Office 365 provide good solutions for your staff to access and share business critical documents in a secure environment.
  4. Meetings – Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, there are many free solutions you can use to meet with your team online.
  5. Clients – perhaps most important of all, keep your clients informed of what services you can still offer, or any changes in your business, whether temporarily or permanently, by making sure your website is up to date and have relevant information displayed.
  6. Costs – it goes without saying that while the economy is under pressure, one needs to review and minimize company costs, be on the lookout for savings while the normal workplace is not used.

Often you might hear about diamonds which form under pressure and olives that are pressed to release oil. Right now almost all businesses, civil society and government are under immense pressure, which could be a powerful place to transform and emerge to be stronger and more resilient once we get through this.

As always, if there is anything that the Infinity Web team can help you with, do not hesitate to ask for assistance.

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