The Importance of the Internet (for your business)

With 21 days of lock-down looming, it simply means (amongst other things), that:
a) more people will spend vasts amounts of time on the Internet (which is a good thing for you), and
b) your website needs to be ready for an increase in website visitors by providing relevant information w.r.t. how you will conduct business during and after the lock-down.

Our advice to all our clients:

  1. Make sure you keep monitoring emails during this time.
  2. Have a relevant message on your website or send out a short newsletter to existing clients.
  3. Prepare for when the impact of Covid-19 has passed.

The fact is that we will adapt and need to be ready once life returns to normal, perhaps we should use the next 21 days to work on aspects of our business’ which we never get the time to do, really no excuse.

As stated previously, our doors will remain open and we are using this time to work on existing- and backlog tasks and projects; please feel free to reach out and request our help and advice if it could help your business.

Below a list of what we can assist with:

  • Website or Facebook updates
  • Newsletter emails
  • SMS campaigns
  • Creative work
  • Any website change or project you have been thinking of doing previously, get in touch and we can discuss it with you.

If there is anything that the Infinity Web team can help you with, do not hesitate to ask for assistance.

Kind regards,
From the Infinity Web team.
Whatsap: 0824157815 / Email: