Keep calm and carry on

Business as Usual

With the reality of Covid-19 in South Africa, we are all in uncharted territory right now and one could expect irrational behavior as a result. And in times like this, we all need a bit of certainty in order to avoid chaos.

The contribution that Infinity Web would like to make is to ensure that we stay the course and deliver a service to you that is even more crucial than a week before, as one quickly realizes that the current situation puts a lot of emphasis on the online environment for both information and for doing business.

In the end we will adapt no matter how the situation looks like in 3-4 months from now; we dont have any other option really as we need to keep the wheels of the economy moving forward even if at a slower pace.

Let us use this time to get things done which we never had time for previously and plan for when the situation improved so we can go about our normal lives.

If there is anything that the Infinity Web team can help you with, do not hesitate to ask for assistance.

Website Refresh and Google Analytics

Just a gentle reminder that most websites need to be updated more often than not. Also do not under estimate the value of you presence on Google and knowing how much and what type of visitor you attract online. We can advise on Google Analytics and other reporting so you can attract more online interest.

Products and Services

In case you forgot, Infinity Web specialized in:

Custom website & email hosting – link.
Development of enterprise website solutions – link.
Wordpress design & development – link.
Website maintenance & support – link.
Google Adwords & Analytics – link.