Google Products Used For Marketing ADWORDS

Google Adwords can allow you to be top of the search page almost instantly; we provide this service for about +30 clients and can happily refer you to any of them. As such, we recommend any client to seriously consider this. Cost entirely depends on your budget and we will happily explain this in detail.


Analytics is the “website stats” part of the Google suite of products and we have about +40 clients using it for general statistical reporting. It is completely free although we charge a small fee for analyzing and reporting on the statistics which guide us on how and where to make improvements.


By using Google Webmaster Tools, we can monitor and manage the website from a variety of aspects, especially responsiveness and performance. Fact is that improvements to website performance will lead to improved client retention, improved organic ranking, improved user experience and ultimately more website visitors. Like with Analytics, there is no cost in using this but we will probably need to spend time on making continuous improvements to performance.


Google Tag Manager is a free tool that makes it easy for marketers to add and update website tags (including conversion tracking, site analytics, re-marketing and more) with just a few clicks and without needing to edit your website code.

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