Website Hosting Improvements and Prices for 2018

From time to time, any business needs to take stock of its resources and do a bit of planning. As such, Infinity Web had a significant upgrade to its servers and capacity in the month of February, basically doubling things like CPU’s,
Disk Space and Internet Bandwidth, mainly because of organic growth during 2017.

This should see us through at least for another 12 months and as they say, it is good problems to have. This also gave us an opportunity to review our Website Hosting prices as we have not really had significant increases in the last 3-4 years! In this process  we compared our hosting packages with those of some of the big players in the “hosting” sphere like Mweb, Afrihost, Girdhost and Hetzner.

Although we compare quite well, we are not the cheapest but then again, our aim was never to be a “cheap host”, plus it will be silly for us to compete with them, purely based on the economies of scale meaning it will not be sustainable to go that route and it would mean cutting corners etc. And unlike the big players, we don’t host 1000’s of clients on servers but much smaller amounts which adds to operational costs.

In any event, to cut a long story short we have mostly good news!

  • Disk space capacity increases of 100-200% in hosting.
  • Performance increases of 100% on server CPU and RAM.
  • Internet bandwidth increases of 100-300%.
  • All contributing to a more stable environment.

We hope that you would be happy with an average10% increase for all of the above.

  • Email Only Hosting @ R50pm
  • Business Lite Hosting @ R110pm
  • Business Standard Hosting @ R320pm

To conclude this communication, from the outset we saw ourselves as a niche or boutique web development company that does specialized hosting as well (99% of our clients host with us), so our product offering is a customized solution and not a one size fits all commodity;one would expect such a service not the be the rock bottom cheap type out there!

Note that we do offer a 10% discount on annual hosting plans meaning if you pay in advance, the price increase will in effect have no impact on you! Please reply to this email should you want to consider this option.

We trust that you as our client will find this reasonable and that we can count
on your continued support which we truly appreciate.

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