Future-proofing your Website in 2018

The fact is that every business needs to reassess its strengths and weaknesses from time to time; as the saying goes, “If you keep on doing what you have always done, you will always have what you always had”. Or worse, you lose what you had because nothing stays the same, especially when you are complacent; let that sink in for a moment!

So how do you “future-proof” your website and online profile for instance? As mentioned, have your website assessed to make sure that:

  1. the information is accurate and current;
  2. the website displays well on both personal computers and mobile devices;
  3. that when you look for your own website, the results you get is what you want your clients to see as well.

So the above is a good start and if you are uncertain about anything, get in touch with us so that we can help as a first step to prepare for the future.

For this reason, Infinity Web recently updated it’s own website, see below for more details.

Visit our New Website!

So after about five years, we finally said good-bye to our own website, which of course we loved very much but did not pass the “future-proof” test and simply had to be updated. So please visit the new responsive, SEO friendly and updated website on the link below:
Tell us what you think!

Other New Websites

This month we welcome 3 new projects that came online:

Infinity Web – Website Hosting, Custom Development and Consultation. See link below for Hosting Prices.

Click to visit their website here.

Bills of Cost – Our services are as diverse as the legal fraternity demand and include the preparation of bills, the opposing of bills, assisting and attending at taxations.

Click to visit their website here.

Gold and I – Gold & I began in 2014 when founder, Stephani Cillié, decided to make the world a little bit brighter one jewellery piece at a time.

Click to visit their website here.

Flawless Makeup – We offer professional make-up artistry for any occasion all over South Africa. We are permanently based in both Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Click to visit their website here.