Thank You And Good Bye 2018!

Most of the business in South Africa would probably love to close the book on 2018 and not revisit it (ever) again as the past twelve months can only be described as a “character building” year, and if you are still standing at this point in time, your odds for succeeding in 2019 are looking good. But let’s not go into detail of the past year and simply look forward to a much improved 2019.

This led us to do some research to find survival tips for business in 2019 and here are the top 3 in our view:

  1. Back to basics

    Before anything else, make sure that your existing business processes are functioning smoothly. If excessive time is being spent on admin, evaluate whether these workflows could be streamlined to make them more efficient. And above all, take good care of your customers.

  2. Keep innovating

    Innovation gives a business the opportunity to explore new avenues and it also sets the organisation up for rapid growth when the economy recovers. Innovation can occur in a variety of fields, from improving the efficiency of existing processes to creating entirely new products. But the absence of innovations means you are standing still, not what anyone can afford to do in 2019.

  3. Market smartly

    While it can be tempting to cut back on marketing when times are tough, this can end up crippling your business. Review whether your marketing strategy is achieving optimal returns on investment and remember digital marketing are still a highly effective and low-cost method of marketing.

If there is anything that Infinity Web can do to give you a head start in 2019, do let get in touch.

Recently Completed Projects

We end the year off with the following projects we completed recently.

Le Creuset – Dedicated sales portal built for an improved online experience using a mobile device.

Click to visit the website here.

Mango Travel Packages – Promoting popular flight and accommodation packages recommended by Mango.

Click to visit the website here.

RESEP – Research on Socio-Economic Policy at the University of Stellenbosch.

Click to visit the website here.

Infinity Web – Website hosting, emails, domains, Google Adwords and more.

Click to visit our website here.

Seasons Greetings

Do travel safely this festive season and come back well rested in 2019.

Best wishes from the Infinity Web team.