The GIG Economy and More

The Gig Economy

In a recent Cape Argus article, the writer mentions the term “Gig Economy“, and any information technology (IT) minded person would think it relates to the IT industry, which is actually wrong BUT indirectly is does! Explanation: The gig economy is a labour market characterized by freelance, flexible, on-demand work rather than the more traditional nine-to- five working model. The term comes back to the (IT) infrastructure that companies and services providers put in place to accommodate such a freelance or short term workforce, attracting them, keeping track the work they do and paying them, all which relates to IT.

Considering the pace at which 2019 has started and persisted, perhaps it is a good idea to take a proper coffee break outside the normal work environment and contemplate whether there are shortcomings or possible enhancements that you should consider. Not only for the second half of 2019, but for 2020 also, especially since we are moving at light speed towards a new year.

HTTPs or Not?

Have you recently became aware of the “s” behind the HTTP in your browser? Google has again started pushing website owners to “secure” website by installing SSL’s (stands for Secure Sockets Layer) that encrypts website traffic (data) that goes to and from the website visitor. This for even websites that do not store customer data or do online payments and transactions.

The problem with non-compliance with the giant’s wishes is that your ranking will be negatively affected and even some visual browser warning will appear that could scare off potential clients. Even though this smells like blackmail, one can either resist, or go with the flow and pay a R1,500 per year more.

Fortunately, Infinity Web is working on a cost effective solution to secure client website traffic, more to follow shortly.

Domain Prices

A few years ago the South African domain registrar announced a schedule of domain price increases, which they stuck to. This effect is felt these days and of course, we need to pass on the annual increases to clients. The prices of international domains do not fluctuate that much but the Rand / Dollar exchange rate does, and in similar fashion, from July we will be making a small adjustment to these prices.

New Clients & Recently Completed Projects

Below a list of new clients & recently completed projects:

  • Airpower Western Cape (website) – Link.
  • Attitude Cycles Cape Town (client & website) – Link.
  • Environ Skin Care SA (client) – Link.
  • Le Creuset SA (website) – Link.
  • Sunrama Travels Cape Town (website) – Link.
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Already thinking of 2020

But much to do in 2019 still before we get there.

Best wishes from the growing Infinity Web team.